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    “We intend to show 41ON41 to all newly-reported GHWB Sailors and will continue to do so for the next 45 years that this ship is in service.”

    – Rear Admiral D.H. “Chip” Miller III, Commander, George H.W. Bush Strike Group and Commander, Carrier Strike Group Two

    “41ON41 is a strong, good-hearted portrait of an American president … I don’t think its importance can be overstated. It is a great gift to history. Bravo executive producer Mary Kate Cary and all those who made this landmark portrait happen.”

    – David McCullough, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of John Adams and Truman

    “41ON41 is a storyteller’s delight … It is about America, as directed and produced by a group of filmmakers who understand how the life of one man can inspire a nation. And we are all the better for it.”

    – Marlin Fitzwater, Former White House Press Secretary to Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush

    “I’ve worked with Mary Kate Cary for years on various speechwriting projects. She knows how to listen to clients and gets your message out in a way that is persuasive, accurate and entertaining.”

    – Jean Becker, chief of staff to former President George H.W. Bush

    “Mary Kate delivered a highly-rated presentation. We'd have her back in a heartbeat. She’s smart, engaging and funny – all the things that make up a great experience.”

    – Carla Locchiato, CAE, Women in Government Relations Board Member

    “Whenever I had a high-stakes speech to deliver, my first call was always to Mary Kate Cary. Mary Kate is smart, gets the issues quickly, is a great writer and a pleasure to work with. She learns your voice and makes you sound better. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

    – Katharine Weymouth, former publisher, The Washington Post and former CEO, Washington Post Media

    “Every corporation in America needs to hold a women’s leadership summit to show support of and interest in cultivating a diverse workforce, and have Mary Kate Cary as a keynote speaker. Her true stories about women who have changed America for the better were fascinating, well told, and highly motivating to our top management. She shared advice on career and professional development that would benefit all executives. Mary Kate brings an incredible amount of energy, warmth and authenticity that left our execs with powerful messages they continue to be inspired by today. Her presentation was the highlight of the conference.”

    – Mary Beth Westmorland, Chief Technology Officer, Blackbaud, Inc.
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